Singha Estate’s Latest Phenomenon: Santiburi The Residences The Ultra-Luxury Residential Project. The Most Exclusive Neighborhood Of Only 25 Homes Located In The Best Area

Bangkok 3 September 2018 – Singha Estate Public Company Limited announced its official launch of Santiburi The Residences, the ultra-luxury detached-housing project, with a total worth of over six billion baht. The project, surrounded by the lush of nature and spanning over 45-rai land, is located on a potential location on Praditmanutam road. It is the solution for the customers with high purchasing power, offering the most exclusive quality community with high privacy. Only 25 units are available with a starting price of 245 million baht.

Mr. Naris Cheyklin, CEO of Singha Estate Public Company Limited revealed, “The Santiburi The Residences is an important step for Singha Estate in truly becoming the leading premier brand. We are committed to delivering quality housing with details, meticulousness, attention, values that are sustainable for both quality of lives and good environment to the residents. Moreover, The Residences provide comprehensive housing solutions to our customers, offering both hi rise and low rise residential projects that range from luxury to ultra-luxury residences. The target customers are focused on details of their homes, family, and attention to details, as well as the green lush of Santiburi The Residences, Singha Estate’s first low rise residential project, worth more than 6 billion baht. It is considered the most exclusive among residential projects of the same level. We highly appreciate everyone’s interests and feedback,” said Naris

Naris continued, “The overall ultra-luxury real estate market continues to grow, indicating rising demands from the target customers. At the same time, Singha Estate Public Company Limited has also been growing. We believe that Santiburi The Residences will bring the company to the leader’s position of the high-end residential market.

Mr. Natthavuth Mathayomchan, Chief Residential Development Office, Singha Estate Public Company Limited added, “The overall picture of super luxury detached houses market has been growing since 2012. The demand is on the rising trend, while the market supply is rather limited. In addition, most projects of similar price points are often vertical single detached homes in the city center or larger detached homes on the fringe of the city. These may not fit customers’ needs. Hence, the detached homes with substantial space, located next to the city center, can fulfill their needs.”

Santiburi The Residences is located on a plot of land, spanning over 45 rai, on Praditmanutam Road. The location definitely has the highest potential in Bangkok at present, because not only it is rather close to the city and surrounded by great environment, it is also surrounded by lifestyle locations, department stores, restaurants, and renowned schools. The location also yields convenience, by being near the expressway entrance and future development plans of mass transit. It took us almost 4 years, from commissioning a market research with our target group, the customers with high purchasing powers, to reveal insights of their true needs. We found that this group of customers places high emphasis on privacy. They are experienced in purchasing and living in expensive homes; many have built their own homes, thus they pay attention to every single detail and are looking for homes that truly fit their lifestyle needs. Such insights are the origin of “Connoisseur of Pleasant Living,” the core concepts of this project. We intended to build detached houses that are very private, with only 25 units in the project.  Each home is built on a piece of land that is no less than 1 rai, sharing the common space of over 15 rais. The Philosophy of Santiburi is the integration of Philosophy of Living and Philosophy of Nature. Since we cannot control nature, but can control the environment, we therefore pay attention to the perfect living amidst the nature through landscaping and environmental designs to the very small details, such as suitable trees that fit the climate and seasons for lasting aesthetic lush throughout the year.”

“For the home itself, not only we are focused on the aesthetics, we also want to build a house that is comfortable throughout the day and through different seasons. Therefore, we choose to style them with luxury modern tropical architectural concepts that create a perfect unity with nature, while being immersed in the contemporary and luxury surroundings. To complement Thailand’s tropical nature and climate, every residence faces either north or south. The use of large window panes also allows more sunlight and breeze to flow through the house for great ventilation, making the house elegant and comfortable at the same time. On another note, the interior functions of the house, we offer three standard types with distinct characteristic functions.  Customers may choose the house type and land of their choice. If they want to adjust the interior functionality from the standard options, we are more than happy to accommodate as long as the exterior aesthetics comply to our standards. By doing so, customers get the house with the interior they want, while keeping the whole project aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the distinctiveness we offer to the customers of this price range.”

At the same time, Santiburi The Residences also emphasizes the use of quality materials, including teak from sustainable forest, imported marbles from countries around the world, and other materials from the world’s leading brands. “Besides the house, service provision is also the key. We have prepared a high-quality security system and a 24-hour concierge service to our residents,” said Natthavuth

“We are confident that Santiburi The Residences is the ultra-luxury detached house project that offers distinctiveness and caters to the demands of our target customers, while building the most exclusive neighborhood for the residents of the project,” Natthavuth ended.

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