18 Dec 2019

“Cherry-Khemupsorn” – The Actress and Environmentalist who stood for the World

Many of you may know of “Cherry-Khemupsorn” as an actress. Today she has played an important role that many people may not have known, which is an environmentalist who initiated the “Little Forest” project.

“Little Forest – growth of forests, people, and hearts” is a project that was initiated under the concept that, while environmental problems are serious problems with many people who are unhappy about nature being destroyed, but have never stood up to do anything about it. 

“Cherry-Khemupsorn” is a participant of this project. She stood up and took action to pass on many concepts to the wider public, to help raise awareness about the increasing environmental problems. She shares ideas and perspectives about the environment as well as takes serious action. 

“Actually, environmental problems are very near to us all, but they have been the most neglected problems. I’m guilty of that myself. I grew up in a city. When I travel, I found great beauty in nature which makes me want to revisit, but I never felt that I played an important role in protecting or being responsible for the environment. Today, I look back and wonder how I could ever think in such a way, because self-consciousness should have been part of my childhood. I had an opportunity to join a short trip with the Mae Fah Luang Foundation which changed my life’s perspective forever, because I was faced with environmental problems at the front-lines.” 

As I mentioned, if she hadn’t seen the problem for herself, she may not have become who she is today, and probably would have never done anything for this world. Today, you’ve read this article, and may have read similar news articles about various global problems. Have you decided to take action yet? 

Source: Instagram cherrykhemupsorn

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