02 Dec 2019

The “Luxury Home” That Captures the Essence of a “Family”

Starting a family doesn’t stop at two people deciding to spend their lives together…

There are many factors involved. Caring for one another and having activities together or having time to talk are just a few. Each family has their own ways of caring for their relationships.

SANTIBURI THE RESIDENCES understands that a ‘home’ is another important starting point for every family to become a more ‘complete family’. 

“Home” is where all family happiness happens. As such, the best “home” is the home that understands the lifestyle of each family and caters to all of their needs. 

SANTIBURI THE RESIDENCES offers 3 home styles to choose from with a variety of characters and functions to meet the needs of each family’s lifestyle. 

“Home” starts with attentiveness and care in building a family heritage for the next generation.

SANTIBURI THE RESIDENCES was designed and selected the most premium materials with great care. The ‘wood work’ in particular is not only beautiful, but warm and fitting amidst nature, because we know that ‘nature’ is essential to our happiness. 

The way each house is positioned was also carefully calculated, facing North-to-South with regards to wind direction and sunlight, allowing nature to become a part of your family happiness at all times. 

“Home” in the most exclusive community with room for only 25 families 

Your house could be in the most prime location on Pradit Manutham Road which connects with downtown Bangkok, is surrounded by lifestyle venues like popular department stores, restaurants, and schools. It also offers one of the most convenient commutes with plans for sky train/subway routes in the works.

SANTIBURI THE RESIDENCES is one of our highest ambitions in which we paid great attention to detail to offer the best lifestyle and community to every resident family, because we understand that…
“The pinnacle of a family’s success and happiness.”