11 Oct 2019

SANTIBURI KOH SAMUI – The Resort with the Most Coconut Trees on the Island

Just as an oasis is the life of a desert, coconut trees are the life of Koh Samui that has continued to wow tourists who can’t help but keep coming back.

Koh Samui is the 3rd largest island in Thailand. It is the island that had had the most coconut trees in the country. Coconuts are important economic crops and has been synonymous with Koh Samui throughout its history. However, as tourism fully blossomed on the island, areas with coconut trees drastically dropped and resulted in the “coconut crisis”. If we don’t address the issue, there will be no coconut tree on the island within 60 years. However, if we do something about it, being considerate of the indigenous ecosystem, avoid cutting down or destroying coconut trees, the coconut crisis should subside.

SANTIBURI KOH SAMUI is a resort with over 900 coconut trees which take up 25% of the resort. It is the resort with the most number of trees on Koh Samui because its design was considerate of its natural surroundings and avoided cutting down or destroying indigenous coconut trees, allowing coconut trees to continue to thrive on Koh Samui.


Because we believe that Koh Samui without coconut trees…would no longer be the Koh Samui as we know it.