30 Jun 2020

“Natural Gift”: a gift for nature lovers.

While the world is slowing down during the Covid-19 pandemic, nature is thriving. It has been the perfect time for nature to take a much-needed break to restore its beauty and prepare itself to welcome us back with open arms. Only this time, everything will be different because we will be respectful to the natural environments and landscapes. This time we will be leading a new way of traveling ––– one where "sustainability is a new luxury."

A gift of nature is undeniably the world's greatest gift, whether it be those highest mountains or the deepest blue seas that are waiting for us to explore. Embarking on an adventure in the great outdoors allows us to connect with nature and people. Travelling brings people closer as relationships strengthened through discovering new places alongside each other, trying delicious food together, being each other company in an unforgettable atmosphere, and making thousands of collective memories for the years to come. These experiences traveling brings are a unique gift called "happiness."

The idea of taking a holiday abroad this year is still unfathomed. For those who miss traveling, why not make this an opportunity to explore what our country has to offer? Thailand is full of beautiful places with delectable cuisine, spectacular scenery, and unbeatable services that are not inferior to any nation in the world. Let’s go out and experience it, recharge yourself with positive energy, and increase your level of “happiness.”

Happiness multiplies when we embrace responsible and sustainable tourism: being conscious of the world and responsible for nature, environment, community, and society ––– in line with the new definition of tourism, “substantiality is a new luxury.” By conserving nature, we are not only protecting the world’s greatest gift but also giving future generations access to the same precious natural resources we enjoy today.

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Wherever you will be traveling to, don’t forget to practice social distancing, take care of each other, and save our planet.