08 Apr 2020


It’s time to adapt to life amidst COVID-19 as we know it! Our homes are being turned into personal offices, but how do we WORK FROM HOME happily?

Today, S BLOG has many great ideas to share about how you can work from home PRODUCTIVELY and HAPPILY with any lifestyle on the grounds of THE ESSE ASOKE.

Choose a suitable area for your office desk, rearrange your desk, and create an atmosphere with chill music. 
Change the atmosphere from sitting in an office into an atmosphere amidst the pleasing and private city view by changing the area where the work desk is situated. Decorate with items of analogous color schemes. Place some small plants on the desk for a refreshing look. Fill the atmosphere with easy-listening music to help you through the busy day.

Change the atmosphere to create new ideas and inspirations
It’s time to get up from your desk to change the atmosphere to find a relaxing corner to inspire new ideas. Try the Reading Chamber, the luxurious library that offers silence and solace to create new inspirations, or get some fresh air for fresh ideas in the Sky Garden outdoor on the roof, which is a great place for relaxation in the evening. 

Find time to take a break to be More Productive
Sitting and working for hours on end can result in fatigue. It is recommended that you create a PRODUCTIVE schedule to stimulate positive energy for your life to keep you from feeling bored. For example, plan to change your posture, rest your eyes from work and feast your eyes on the views around the room, relaxing with minor activities like watering plants, stretching with basic yoga poses or even sipping coffee in your favorite mug. All of these things help you to relax and be even more productive. 

Relax from fatigue after finishing work, living your favorite lifestyle
When you WORK FROM HOME, don’t forget to Clock OUT! You still need fun and activities of your favorite lifestyle every day.  Whether you like to do some light stretching with the Golf Simulator, or swim in amidst the Sky Panoramic Pool, or enjoy SKY Fitness, you can find it here. 

Find what works for you to make WORK FROM HOME a happy time for you. Make life productive at THE ESSE ASOKE, the luxury condo downtown that places importance on facilitating your every need and lifestyle. 

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