TANABATA FESTIVAL 2019 The Japanese Festival to Plead for Luck Among the Stars

Bangkok (7 July 2019) – Singha Complex – the luxury mixed-use complex of Singha Estate – invites you to experience the traditional cultural festival of Japan, the TANABATA FESTIVAL 2019. Enjoy the atmosphere and activities of the Japanese festival to plead for luck from the stars. Join workshops with professional Japanese skills at Singha Complex from 7-31 of July.

Mr. Olarn Vaiudomvut, Vice President - Commercial and Retail, Singha Estate (Public Company Limited) said the TANABATA FESTIVAL is considered the most important and grand summer festival in Japan which falls on the 7th of the 7th month of each year. Japanese people will join in writing wishes on small notes called ‘Tanzaku’ and hand them on bamboo branches to wish upon the stars. Many tourists from around the world travel to participate in the festival every year. Singha Complex, as a mixed-use project that retains its historical location of the Japanese Embassy of the past, and being at the prime location of Asok-Petchaburi intersection where many Japanese nationals reside, the project is frequented by many Japanese people. On this occasion, Singha Complex has decided to organize the TANABATA FESTIVAL 2019 to offer the same experience offered in Japan to the Thai people and Japanese people residing in Thailand. The event is touted to be a colorful endeavor that meets the needs of customer groups in the area very well.”

The event will feature the beautiful décor of traditional Japan with many photogenic spots such as the Tanabata Landmark Decoration, the 3-meter tall bamboo trees to hand notes of wishes upon the stars. The highlight of the event is that the wishes will be taken to be hung at the actual Tanabata Festival in Japan next year. Participants will also be able to enjoy shopping quality imported Japanese products from popular shops like 1887 where a large variety of popular local Japanese items are available, gift shops, fruit shops, souvenir and charms shops, and, of course, the ‘can’t miss’ kimono shops imported from Japan which will have more than yukatas for men, women, and children for visitors to borrow to take pictures for free.

For enthusiasts of skills workshops, don’t miss the Origami Workshop on Saturday, July 13th, Lucky Bracelet Workshop on Saturday, July 20th, and the SASHIKO WORKSHOP on Saturday, July 27th. For more details about the activities and many other activities at SINGHA COMPLEX, visit SINGHA COMPLEX Facebook page.