Singha Estate organized a special trip for its residents to join “Singha Park Chiang Rai International Valentine’s Balloon Fiesta 2020”

Peck & New invited to say love upon the sky

Chiang Rai – S life by Singha Estate has recently organized ‘S Iife Memorable Experience’ for  Singha Estate families and invited leading singers Premmanat Suwannanon (Peck) and Napassorn Phuthornjai (New) to join an exclusive trip to celebrate Valentine's Day and share their love from upon the sky. The event took place at Singha Park Chiang Rai. 

This is the second year that S Iife by Singha Estate organized this exclusive trip. Singha Estate families were invited to join Asean’s annual balloon festival – “Singha Park Chiang Rai International Valentine's Balloon Fiesta 2020” at Singha Park. The famous loving couple Premmanat (Peck) and Napassorn (New) were invited to entertain Singha Estate families throughout the 3 days/ 2 nights event.

For the trip’s highlight activities, all guests were invited to join the memorable Valentine's Day celebration which they were taken on the balloon ride to see the view of Singha Park Chiang Rai and share the love with their loved ones from upon the sky. After that, they were also served with delicious dishes at Bhu Bhirom Restaurant amidst the views of mountains and tea plantations, followed by a trip to pay homage to two famous temples of Chiang Rai. Before returning, there was another special moment when singer - New Napassorn sang romantic love songs along with the guitar played by Nattavuth Mathayomchan, Chief Residential Development Officer of Singha Estate, making it a lasting memory for all members of Singha Estate families.