Singha Estate is delighted The EXTRO Phayathai-Rangnam won an excellent award for S-Air system, the new living solution with clean air innovation in 360 degrees

Bangkok 26 August 2020 – Singha Estate is delighted that its newly-launched condominium project, The EXTRO Phayathai-Rangnam, is awarded Product Innovation Awards 2020 in the lifestyle category of real estate for its S-Air innovation, which will produce clean air and protect the environment.

Mr. Sathit Seupsuk, Senior Vice President – Design & Construction of Singha Estate Public Company Limited, reveals that this award from Business Plus Magazine in collaboration with Mahidol University is for its S-Air innovation at The EXTRO Phayathai-Rangnam, reflecting the company’s policy and determination through the Enriching Life brand philosophy that has been transformed into the development of every residential project. The company will build quality of life for its residents, deliver best-in-class projects, and concern about the impact on environments and the surrounding communities.

“In developing a residential project, Singha Estate is concerned about three key pillars of Smart Living, Healthy Living, and Sustainable Living, which are now our DNA for working on every residential project,” he said.

Meanwhile, the S-Air system is an innovation designed to solve customers’ pain-point concerns about health, hygiene, convenience, and safety. The S-Air system is designed to create the quality of clean air in 360 degrees from inside the building to the environments surrounded the project, which is dust-free and chemical substance-free as well as creating clean air for residents’ good health and healthy living and surrounding community. Moreover, this will go along with the company’s sustainable development goal, which has integrated several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including SDG3 Good Health and Well-being. The company will deliver quality projects that can enhance community well-being and quality of life and reduce the number of illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air.

At The EXTRO Phayathai-Rangnam, the S-Air system will be installed in every condominium unit and common areas requiring to have clean air such as fitness. It will also create air circulation and exchange for all units, together with building a positive pressure inside the room to prevent PM2.5 dust, virus, and other diseases from outside, so the residents will get clean air which is fresh, dust-free and allergen-free even the room is totally concealed all the time. Besides, the S-Air system will help save energy consumption for the condo unit.

Apart from the innovation for quality living, The EXTRO Phayathai-Rangnam is designed to answer several living requirements by having an S-style building layout, so that every unit can fully enjoy city and garden views. To make living comfort, all condo units will use a full-height glass window to receive natural light and is designed to have a wider unit front and floor-to-ceiling height at 2.85 meters. For the duplex room, it is the most beautiful room type with the design to provide feeling like living in a home where usable space can be used at a maximum.

“The company will bring the S-Air system to set as the standard of clean air producing and implement it with future residential projects. Besides, we will continue to develop new living innovations for our customers,” Mr. Sathit added.

Singha Estate aims to become a “Sustainable Global Property Developer” by applying the “Green Value Chain” model on all future projects. It will collaborate with all related parties across the process to work in an environmental-conscious manner to minimize the impact on the environment. These include property designs that need to be environmentally friendly, the procurement process to acquire contractors who share the same vision, uses of unhazardous materials, and application of new innovation, and technology in the whole stages of a product life cycle. The company wants to make sure that resources are used efficiently through the business process until it delivers quality products to customers.