Singha Estate Joins with Partners in Cultivating Future Leaders under Project SeaYouTomorrowCamp: Fighting Climate Crisis, “United Power Against Global Warming Youth Camp”

Bangkok (13 February 2020) – Singha Estate leverages its corporate vision in developing the business growth while creating sustainability for communities and environment by joining with Environmental Education Center (EEC Thailand) and other partners in organizing the latest project called SeaYouTomorrowCamp: Fighting Climate Change – “United Power Against Global Warming Youth Camp”. This is the first time that Thai youths from three kinds of communities, which are city, mountain and seaside, will have an opportunity to share their knowledge with other fellow youths in the classroom of nature, learn from national experts in real scenarios and exchange ideas with the CEOs of leading organizations. The project aims to develop leadership in young generations who will be an important force to create positive changes and tackle global warming crisis in the future.

Naris Cheyklin, Chief Executive Officer, Singha Estate PCL remarked “The philosophy that we always withhold is to develop the business growth and create sustainability for communities and environment in a harmonious manner through initiatives such as the supports for the marine resources conservation and protection projects, the launch of Marine Discovery Centre (MDC) in Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort and at CROSSROADS Maldives, and the campaigns to eliminate plastic waste in communities. Today we make a new effort under this umbrella by targeting on young generations who can play an active role in protecting and improving the environment and have potentials to create changes. It is important that we pass on our knowledge and experiences to them, listen to their needs and being a good role model for the children who will carry on environmental conservation works in the future. 

Singha Estate has therefore initiated the project SeaYouTomorrowCamp: Fighting Climate Crisis – “United Power Against Global Warming Youth Camp that aims to educate children on the importance of ecosystem coherence between nature, forest and ocean, and the impacts of climate changes caused by human activities in order to create their environmental consciousness. The camp will also teach them on how to reduce negative impacts on environment in everyday life and encourage those children to share the knowledge to others. To create engagement with all stakeholders and make the effort more meaningful, Singha Estate has collaborated with its partners in organizing the camp, which are Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Plc, Singhapark Chiangrai Company Limited, S Hotels & Resorts Plc, Changing Climate, Changing Lives (CCCL) Film Festival 2020, and Environmental Education Center or EEC Thailand that is an organization dedicating to provides environmental education and has a long expertise in designing and managing camps for children with comprehensive yet entertaining information and activities.

Varong Israsena Na Ayudhya, Vice President-Marketing, Bangkok Airways PCL, said “Bangkok Airways is pleased to work with Singha Estate in the SeaYouTomorrowCamp project. The airline has valued the importance of environmental conservation and natural resource rehabilitation and hence initiated several CSR activities to support this vision. We believe that this educational activity and engagement with nature will create awareness on environmental protection among youths that is important in building future leaders who can create change and extend conservation works in a sustainable manner. We hope to see more good initiatives like this in the future and believe that we can eventually reach the goal on saving the environment if we work together.”

Alex Rendell, Co-founder of EEC Thailand, reveals “EEC Thailand was established with the believe that providing education can contribute tremendously to long-term conservation of natural resources. EEC Thailand is pleased to collaborate with Singha Estate who shares the same values and vision with EEC Thailand on the environmental protection and sustainability. The SeaYouTomorrowCamp focuses on the conservation of environment along with providing comprehensive yet entertaining information through inspiring activities in the classroom of nature. If we instill good conscience and environmental knowledge to children, they will see the value of nature and protect it. 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, Associate Dean for Special Affairs, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University, said “As a lecturer working on marine and environmental protection for years, I am glad that now all sectors have paid more attention to the environmental issues, especially the global warming that has devastating impacts on planet Earth. SeaYouTomorrowCamp is an example of good initiative from the private sector that help reduce those negative impacts. In this camp, participating children will learn about the relationship between forests and the sea, environmental preservation, and sustainable usage of natural resources. They will also have a chance to dive to witness biodiversity of marine life and coral reef ecology that are habitats and food sources of various organisms. I believe this camp can contribute tremendously to their long-term consciousness in conservation of natural resources and understand that we need to protect our plant as it is the only one we have.  I do not think it is not too late to act now. With high determination, we can achieve the goal together.”

“To fight global warming crisis, all sectors need to work together. We can begin from our business by reducing impacts to the environment, expanding good initiatives to the society and collaborating with partners to create environmental conservation network. The most important thing is to act and aim for tangible results. Apart from this camp, Singha Estate will continue the Singha Estate Net Zero that lower the amount of waste disposal at the landfill and the Marine Discovery Centre in Koh Samui establishment that promotes self-reliance on marine protection for the local community. We aim to create a sustainable value for the pristine blue planet that belong to all of us,” Naris concluded.

SeaYouTomorrowCamp: Fighting Climate Crisis is the youth camp focusing on the creative learning method on environmental preservation with insightful yet enjoyable knowledge from the experts who have more than 20 years of experience and lecturers from several fields. The activities that are unique to the camp will provide children with valuable and memorable experiences. The camp will recruit youths from three different areas: inner-city, mountainside and seaside. Interesting children can apply by submitting an essay on the topic “What do you want an adult today to be? with a length of no more than 2,500 letters to the project’s email address within 20 February 2020. The final winners will get an opportunity to join the mountain camp in Chiang Rai and the sea camp in Surat Thani. For more information on attendee qualifications other details, please visit” 


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