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16 Nov 2023

Singha Estate introduces S'RIN a new premium luxury residences project valued at over 3,700 million in a prospective location, Ratchaphruek - Phutthamonthon Sai 1, expanding its horizontal re

Singha Estate introduces S'RIN a new premium luxury residences project valued at over 3,700 million in a prospective location, Ratchaphruek - Phutthamonthon Sai 1, expanding its horizontal re

Singha Estate Public Company Limited, a real estate development company, reinforces its vision of "ENTRUSTED & VALUE ENRICHER" and its commitment to creating value and sustainable growth, by unveiling a new premium luxury residences project "S'RIN Ratchaphruek - Sai 1.” This is Singha Estate's first foray into the luxury home market at the "Premium Luxury" level in the western Bangkok area. The company is ready to continue advancing the concept of "Best-in-Class" to cover a variety of segments at the upper level, confirming Horizontal real estate business portfolio expansion by 2023.

According to Mr. Nattavuth Mathayomchan, Chief Residential Business Development Officer of Singha Estate Public Company Limited (S), the "S'RIN Ratchapruek - Sai 1 Project" is considered an extension of success and reinforcement of expertise in developing high-end real estate that continues from Ultra Luxury Flagship project like SANTIBURI the Residences and Super Luxury project like SIRANINN Residences, which was launched in early 2023. The S'RIN project is Singha Estate's newest brand in the Premium Luxury level, a new segment into which Singha Estate has expanded for the first time in this market. It is an important first step for Singha Estate in invading the Western Bangkok area, a prime location where we see further growth potential. 

The word S'RIN is a combination of word SELF or self + Rin, which means greatness, combined with the brand concept "Infinite Living For All" reflected in the concept of creating a home that responds to every dimension of living life to the highest point, allowing every life to grow and advance indefinitely. We continue to maintain our Design DNA in the Singha Estate style under the concept of "Modern Tropical Refinement" that expresses modern, elegant, yet warm home design that is unique to Singha Estate houses, delivering timeless beauty combined with the concept of "Crafted to Last" that is used in every element, providing beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. This is evident in the thorough care and attention provided to each phase in accordance with Singha Estate's high standards, allowing the S'RIN project to adhere to the principles of creating an experience-worthy Best-in-Class project.

S'RIN's house for infinite expansion is developed with the brand idea "Infinite Living For All" in mind, taking into account the six aspects that comprise Singha Estate's "Design Principles."

  1. Peacefulness of Living Experience: Deliver a balanced aesthetic of living within the home and common areas, paying attention to every small detail from customer needs to actual use, such as large storage rooms on the first and second floors, elderly bedrooms that use flooring materials from Europe that help absorb shock from accidents. These materials are of the same quality as those found in prestigious hospitals and international colleges. All of this is done to ensure the family's safety, privacy, and comfort.
  2. A Space Created for Multi-Generations: Perfect space design on both common areas and internal areas, by taking into account true "Universal Design" principles, allowing families of all generations to spend quality time together, with each person, whether small children, adults, or the elderly, being able to use the space conveniently and safely.
  3. “S-S-S” (Space-Size-Spec): The Design Thinking process of Singha Estate's design team that prioritizes usable space within the house, with the main goal of being practical, spacious, and selecting materials that give a decent quality of life, while considering their future use.
  4. Adaptability of Design: A home that is ready to evolve with the times to meet every resident's need and lifestyle as a result of an awareness of present and future inhabitants' diverse lifestyles, such as 
       -  A stable house beam design for future extensions and functions modifications.
       -  A parking area that can install a Car Lift and accommodate up to 10 cars.
       -  EV charger and Power Wall (home power backup system) installation point.
       -  The ramp area preparation that can accommodate Supercars. 
  5. Design For Sustainable Well-Being: We meticulously select beautiful, high-quality materials to promote sustainable living, taking into account various conditions such as climate, sunlight, humidity, as well as technologies for health and good quality of life such as the S-Air System, which circulates air within the home to reduce heat, Cross Ventilation which involves positioning the windows so that there are channels for air to flow in and out conveniently, Water Purifier, a system for filtering tap water to reduce scale and dirtiness in the water, high quality gates from Italy, and installation of Solar Cells electricity to save electricity usage in every house, etc.
  6. The Craft of Luxury Lifestyle reinforces being “Best-in-Class”
       -  Create a resort ambience by using a professional Lighting Designer to design lighting for both outside and inside the home, taking into account the aesthetics of living under the concept of “Resort Design Approach” including the safety of residents. This involves designing adequate brightness, light temperature, and illumination within the home, as well as areas where lighting is required within the project for optimal safety.
       -   "Supercar-friendly" We pay attention to the design of the main roads and ramps in the project to suit the use of supercars in order to be a part of creating an exceptional living experience for residents since we understand their lifestyle and enthusiasm for supercars.

"The distinguishing feature of S'RIN begins with the design of the residences as a symbol of life success through Singha Estate's Sustainability DNA concept. This is the organization's dedication to developing sustainable living circumstances by merging creativity and technology in a way that actually satisfies sustainability demands. The S'RIN Ratchapruek - Sai 1 project is worth about 3,700 million baht. It appears that the project has received a very positive response so far after we held an open private viewing event for the VVIP and VIP rounds," Mr. Nattavuth concluded.

The S'RIN Ratchapruek - Sai 1 project is located on an area of over 45 rai, exclusive to only 89 households, and has a starting price of 39 - 75 million baht, with details as follows.

  • A two-story detached house with a maximum frontage width up to 30.65 meters.
  • Lot size 110 - 168 sq.w. 
  • 3 house options with useable areas ranging from 440 to 626 square meters, 4 - 5 bedrooms with spacious "Master Suite Bedroom and "Junior Master Bedroom,"
  • Common spaces that facilitate a wide range of activities.
  • A Lobby and clubhouse in a comfortable atmosphere with a view of the swimming pool.
  • A salt system swimming pool which is ideal for skin health, including a 60 cm deep children's pool section.
  • A “Biz Lounge” for business meetings, meetings, or group work.
  • Main Park, a huge green space featuring a Kid’s Playground with an EPDM floor to absorb and lessen shocks from falls, as well as a pet area.
  • Shaded exercise track within the project.

To make an appointment for private viewing, call 1221 or see more details at

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