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24 Jul 2023

Singha Estate Actively Taps into Cluster-Home Market with SMYTH’S Ramintra On Great Location, Unit Prices Start from THB120 Million Answer Demand for Ultra Luxury Detached Homes in Eastern Ba

Singha Estate Actively Taps into Cluster-Home Market with SMYTH’S Ramintra On Great Location, Unit Prices Start from THB120 Million Answer Demand for Ultra Luxury Detached Homes in Eastern Ba

Bangkok – 24 July 2023: Singha Estate is now offering its second Cluster Home project. After the launch of “LA SOIE de S”, the company unveils “SMYTH’S Ramintra” as its latest brand for Ultra Luxury homes in Eastern Bangkok based on its signature “ULTIMATE PRIVACY” concept. The new project will feature just four super exclusive homes, with specially curated functions and designs for target groups whose lifestyles shine in a different way. The launch of “SMYTH’S Ramintra” is expected to raise the company’s revenue from horizontal housing business by more than 70% from a year earlier.

Mr. Nattavuth Mathayomchan, Chief Residential Development Officer at Singha Estate Public Company Limited or ‘S’, says SMYTH’s Ramintra marks a key step forward for his company’s horizontal housing business expansion based on Cluster Home concept. Defined by Singha Estate as Private Estate, such Cluster Home project has customized designs in response to the individual needs of each buyer. Its development is rooted in the success of Singha Estate’s ultra luxury home projects. Singha Estate recognizes opportunities for business expansion in the Ultra Luxury segment because its successful projects for this market prove that there is solid demand. This year, Singha Estate will launch five horizontal-housing projects to cover all segments of luxury housing units with a detached home valued at THB 15 million up, THB 20 million up, and THB 50 million up, and two Private Estate projects. “LA SOIE de S” has already been a Private Estate flagship while the just-unveiled SMYTH’S Ramintra will offer its units at the starting price of THB 120 million. Singha Estate expects its revenue from horizonal housing projects to grow by 70% this year when compared with the previous year.

“SMYTH’S Ramintra is our second Private Estate project. Located on a great location in Ramintra area, it has the potential to be a residential hub. Central Ramintra is just 2.8 kilometres away. SMYTH’S Ramintra, moreover, is surrounded by several other shopping malls, golf courses, leading educational institutes, top hospitals, and airports. It also boasts easy access to other districts and thus Business Connectivity. The Ramintra – Art Narong expressway, which leads to the city centre and Sukhumvit Road, is just 3.8 kilometers away. The distance between the project and the Pink Line’s Ramintra 3 station is only 650 meters. The Pink Line connects with two other metro lines too. Thanks to such strengths, SMYTH’S Ramintra is well poised to become another flagship project. Exuding ULTIMATE PRIVACY, SMYTH’S Ramintra presents four housing units on a two-rai land plot with THB 120 million as starting price. Embracing Metropolitan Tropical Modern concept, each unit is a customizable home. Spaces can be reconfigured to best match the lifestyles, preferences, and usage of residents without compromising Singha Estate’s “Best in Class” standards. With perfect DNA, SMYTH’S Ramintra will showcase Singha Estate’s signature in full,”
Mr. Nattavuth says.

Singha Estate has defined SMYTH’S Ramintra as “A Well-Crafted Architectural Masterpiece”. Developed as “Sanctuary of Seclusion”, it gives every home a private court that is pleasantly visible to all of the home’s major zones. Not only that its units offer ultimate privacy, but they also allow a flexible and customisable touch with the aim to fulfil the lifestyles of all residents, regardless of their gender and age. Every unit includes Hideaway Chamber, which connects to a Supercar Garage. Designed as Double Volume Space, this chamber connects directly to the second floor of the house. It can also be reconfigured to create a dream space.

Importantly, SMYTH’S Ramintra has prepared the followings for its residents:

  • Underground electrical system across the project site  

  • Solar-cell system 

  • Heat exchanger, which transfers heat from air conditioners’ condenser coil to a hot water tank to produce hot water. This tool not only saves electricity for hot-water production, but it also enhances air conditioners’ performance. 

  • Various innovative functions such as
    •    EV Charger for electric vehicles
    •    Power Wall that will store power from solar cells. 
    •    S-Air System that improves indoor air circulation by taking in fresh air, filtering out PM 2.5 particles, and cooling air.

Fulfilling lifestyles in every aspect, SMYTH’S Ramintra delivers detached houses for residents’ true happiness in two styles. Both include a swimming pool. Each house occupies a land plot of between 180 and 189 square wahs. These two styles are: 

  • Residences I: 1,023 square meters in utility space 

  • Residences II: 1,014 square meters in utility space

No matter what style, each unit features five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two living rooms/spaces, one multipurpose hall, two dining rooms/spaces, one pantry, one Thai kitchen for full-scale cooking, one laundry room, and two maid’s rooms with a bathroom. 
Moreover, every unit boasts Hideaway Chamber and up to 10 parking lots. Four cars can be parked under roof, while Supercar Garage can take in two cars. With the Parking Lift System, each unit can accommodate four more vehicles too. Given the ample space, all family members have their personal space. Homeowners may also choose to operate their business from the comfort of their home, as the new generation is now familiar with work-from-home mode. Huge utility space of each unit can be easily reconfigured to draw a clear line between the living zone and the work zone too. Every unit has workspaces and party spaces, which are separate from the family zone.

“We are confident that SMYTH’S Ramintra will be another perfect Private Estate project that truly answers its customers’ extraordinary life. Resonating with Singha Estate’s concepts and vision of balanced diversity for sustainable growth, SMYTH’S Ramintra will be another proof of Singha Estate’s remarkable attention to detail. To create a balanced life for customers, we have upheld ‘Best in Class’ standards in every step from material selection to construction. SMYTH’S Ramintra underlines Singha Estate’s understanding and expertise in luxury property development, which pave the way for the delivery of unrivalled products and services for customers’ cherished experiences that can also be passed on from generation to generation,” Mr. Nattavuth says. 

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