11 Oct 2019

One Turtle Changed the Entire Plan of CROSSROADS Maldives

Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a renowned marine academic, was part of the survey team on the Maldives for the CROSSROADS Maldives by Singha Estate which was built on a 14-square-kilometer plot as the first all-in-one tourist attraction of the Maldives.

In the early stages of construction, he said the survey team had found a crowd of tiny creatures called the Hawksbill sea turtle and the large coral reef that was their habitat, which led to the decision to change the construction plan of the project to conserve the coral reef for the adorable little creatures. 


We didn’t come here to build a home for humans at the expense of the habitat of marine animals.”


While it is true that the revamp of the entire plan was done for the one turtle that was found, the end result effectively protected the lives of all pre-existing marine animals.

r. Thon said the true meaning of sustainable development lies in Maximizing Profit while Minimizing Impact.

Apart from that, we had designed an area of more than 64,000 square meters for the reef and have been planting new corals, as well as designating a Green Lane to reduce the potential impact of construction as much as possible.

To truly protect the environment, we must do it in parallel with business growth.”


Because, in business, we believe, the bigger the idea, the more minute details matter”.