11 Oct 2019

Investing in Green Areas is Creating Sustainable Profits for the Air

Investing may not necessary mean financial investments or business. It may also mean investing in creating sustainable value for the world and one such way is investing in ‘Green Areas’.

Many research studies have been published about the ‘Green Power” that will make our lives better both in terms of physical and mental health. All of Singha Estate’s projects place great importance on this issue. We adhere to the concept of, “Planting trees will never be a lost investment,” because “trees” are natural umbrellas that filters sunlight and filters the air we breathe for us to breathe.

For instance, the “A Beautiful Garden in a Big City” concept that was created in the middle of Asoke in SINGHA COMPLEX which was designed to include green areas both indoor and outdoor. The “Rain Tree”, which has existed in the Asoke area beyond documented history, was also protected. THE ESSE ASOKE also has the largest green area in the Asoke area, with 1 Rai of green gardens.

Another project that places importance on creating sustainable profits for the air which offers direct benefits to its residents is SANTIBURI THE RESIDENCES, which houses a 15-rai green area, or 30% of the entire project. Every home was designed to allow residents to become one with the natural surroundings with a luxurious and modern tropical architectural design that offers luxury in a way that fits with the climate of Thailand.


Singha Estate believes that…
Investing in Green Areas is Creating Sustainable Profits for the Air”