18 Dec 2019

From inspiration of the Japanese Embassy to THE ESSE at SINGHA COMPLEX

Before this location became THE ESSE at SINGHA COMPLEX, it used to belong to Prince Asoke Montri during the era of Rama the 6th.

Because the locale was turned into the Japanese Embassy, the Japanese design was transferred to the JAPANESE STYLE FLOOR under the concept of KISETSU.

The concept places great importance on all 4 seasons in Japan, because the Japanese people believe that “nature brings fertility and humanity is one with nature, born, grow, and, at last, becomes part of nature again.”

The design of the JAPANESE STYLE FLOOR is divided into 4 seasons of Japan comprising:

  1. SPRING (HARU) – inspiration for the design of the Sakura room. The designer chose small rooms for this theme because, the Fall is symbolic of a new beginning, just like a resident who bought their first home. The main color tones are Earth Tones like pink and cream. Glass decorations are also added. 

  2. SUMMER (NATSU) – model for the Bird room, inspired by Summer during which birds migrate back to the Japanese island, as if they are returning home. This theme gives more of a home-feeling than the Sukara room. 

  3. AUTUMN (AKI) – the designer was inspired by the Fall season to create the Ginko room. Ginko leaves, considered sacred in Japanese culture, is used together with gold to ensure the room isn’t too dark and heavy.  

  4. WINTER (FUYU) – inspired by Winter, walls are mainly made wood and halls are decorated with paintings. The floor is designed after the Tatami pattern to emphasize the Japanese concept of simplicity. 

If you are one of us who fell in love with the Japanese culture, come have a visit our rooms at THE ESSE at SINGHA COMPLEX today.

For more information, please visit  or call 1221