ACDC in Partnership with Singha Estate Kick Off Eco-Conscious Running Race #SeaYouTomorrowRun

All proceeds Go to Sea Turtle Hospital, Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Center Sattahip and Other Marine Conservation Projects

Bangkok (5 September 2019) – Air and Coastal Defense Command, Royal Thai Navy joins hands with Singha Estate to launch the first ever #SeaYouTomorrowRun, an initiative to restore the ocean and work toward sustainability through running races and educational activities on marine debris. A wide array of activities is foreseen, including plogging led by Maria Poonlertlarp, Miss Universe Thailand 2017 and “S Talks”: the future of the ocean is in your hand by marine biologists and volunteers. The event will be held in October 27, 2019 where 2,000 participants from all sectors are expected to attend. 

Mr. Naris Cheyklin, Chief Executive Officer of Singha Estate PCL. remarked “Singha Estate first launched the #SeeYouTomorrow serial project in 2018 to encourage the public to consume less plastic and educate on waste-sorting at World’s Ocean day. Earlier in 2019, Singha Estate built on its #SeaYouTomorrow campaign to help relevant nature conservation-based partners in their efforts to save the marine biodiversity.  Today, we kick off the #SeaYouTomorrowRun campaign and gather those who love the ocean by reducing plastic waste and join our 5 and 10 km running races.  Moreover, a “plogging” namely, jogging while picking up litter for 1 km will be organized.  We expect to see a change in people’s behavior with an impact on the ocean and local lives.  Essentially, Singha Estate offers the youth -tomorrow’s change makers- valuable knowledge that helps them identify the root cause of the problem and encourages them to work together with all sectors to achieve sustainable solutions for underwater life.”  

Captain Sorrayuth Poomsuwan, Commander of ACDCs Air and Coastal Defense Center, said “We are delighted to see a private sector like Singha Estate hold #SeaYouTomorrowRun and commit to sustainable development. Our people have been dealing with the marine debris and plastic waste management for years, and we made this issue our priority.   Singha Estate collaborating with public sectors to educate people on marine debris and related pressing issues is an important step towards Thailand sustainability agenda 2025.  We hope this project will represent an integrated approach to improve our community and ensure its sustainability as well as encourage public and private sector to work together as partners.  

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wechsawan Lakas, Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Technology Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (CMRU) claimed “Plastic waste that has been well-sorting without food waste or toxic whether they are bags, bottles or straws, can be made into plastic road blocks.  Industrial Technology Department CMRU has unveiled the recycled road block project expected to be an innovation that lessen plastic waste and contributes to generate a circular economy.  Plastic litter picked up from #SeaYouTomorrowRun will be sorted and turned into road blocks.”

#SeaYouTomorrowRun event is divided as followed: the running contest zone for 5 km run costing 500 Thai Baht (maximum of 800 applicants), 10 km run costing 700 Thai Baht (maximum 1,200 applicants with plogging led by Maria Poonlertlarp, Miss Universe Thailand 2017.  Plogging run is aimed to recruit 100 applicants with 500 Thai Baht deposit (fully returned at event).  All applicants will receive upcycled T-shirt from MoreLoop brand, fabric backpacks and foldable silicone cups. Medals and trophies are made from reclaimed wood furniture. These products genuinely reflect circular economy concepts.  Other activities include, Exhibition to educate on marine debris solution, waste recycling exhibition, upcycling product demonstration, stage talks by marine experts titled “S Talks: Tomorrow’s ocean is in your hand” by Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, Chief of Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Veterinarian Volunteer team and Mahasamut Patrol Thailand.

Interested applicants can register now until maximum quota is reached.  All proceeds go to Sea Turtle hospital, Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Center Sattahip and other marine conservation agencies. 

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