Cafe Amazon

From Local Brand to Global Brand

We are advancing toward becoming the most loved and most accessible brand for coffee lovers everywhere.
Today, Cafe’ Amazon is the most popular coffee brand in Thailand.
In 2017, we making us number 1 in the market with over 180 million cups of coffee sold. We currently have a total of over 2,000 branches, and this number is continually increasing. We are now extending our growth into international markets both within and outside Southeast Asia.

We are not only growing our brand, but we are also building for a sustainable society that can grow along with us.
Cafe’ Amazon is all about being natural, and this means being a giver and promoting sustainable growth. Therefore, not only are we creating a brand of refreshing beverages that are affordable for everyone, but we are also helping to enhance the well-being of our society by purchasing raw materials from domestic sources and royal projects, thus assisting the hill tribe farmers and providing them with a better way of life, as well as boosting financial circulation within the country and creating an interdependent lifestyle, from upstream to downstream.

We have not abandoned our original taste that won the hearts of our customers from the very beginning, but we also never stop creating new flavors and creating a brand experience that is ever fresh and new.
Every item on our beverage menu has a clear, unique identity with its Cafe' Amazon taste, and a focus on the taste preferences of the Thai people with rich and fragrant flavors.
We select only quality coffee beans, using a fresh roasting process to enhance the fullness of their flavor, and preparing each beverage according to recipes unique only to our brand. We also continually invent new drink recipes that are rotated through our stores throughout the year in order to promote brand movement and always be creating new experiences for our customers.

Today we are an oasis for every lifestyle.
The concept at the heart of every Cafe' Amazon store is to create a natural, refreshing space where you can feel relaxed and be revitalized. Today, we are no longer only a coffee shop serving travelers on the roads, but we are also a green oasis to refresh and rejuvenate you on the road of life. Whether you are weary from work, tired from shopping, or exhausted from the chaos and pollution of the big city streets, we are that green oasis waiting to refresh you at every corner.

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