Construction Progress Update as of July 2018

30 Jul 2018

  • The environmental impact assessment has been approved.
  • Request for a construction permit has already been filed under section 39.
  • Expected Completion Date: MAY 2019
  • Piling works completed 
  • 31.17% of Overall construction work completed

      Percentage Completed Construction Work Progress
    1) Structural work


    Mat Foundation, Footing, WT, Slip Form FL.36M, Column FL.35, Slab FL.35, Stair ST-01 FL.25, 02 FL.35, 03 FL.7, 06 FL.5-6

    2) Systems installation


    Electrical Sleeve and Sanitary System For Slab, Column FL.35, Slip Form FL.36M, WT FL.7M, Stair FL.35, Sprinker, Air FL.8-18

    3) Architectural work 


    Curb, Stiffener & Lintel FL.27, Precast FL.8-12, Block and Wall Plastering FL.11-27, Setting Out Line FL.30