Construction update February 2019

4 Mar 2019

  • The environmental impact assessment has been approved.
  • Request for a construction permit has already been filed under section 39.
  • Expected Completion Date: MAY 2019
  • Piling works completed
  • 83.25% of Overall construction work completed



Percentage Completed

Construction Work Progress

1) Structural work


Mat Foundation, Footing, WT
Slip Form Roof floor
Column Roof floor
Slab Roof floor
Stairs ST-01, 36th  floor, 
02 Roof floor

2) Systems installation


Electrical Sleeve and Sanitary System for Slab, 
Column Roof floor, 
Slip Form Roof floor,
Stair Roof floor,
Sprinker Air 34th floor

3) Architectural work


Curtain Wall 33rd – 35th   floor,
Block and Wall Plastering 38th – 39th M  floor,
Tiling 25th – 33rd floor