The business expansion and investment via land purchases in high-potential locations and quality project development under the “Best in Class” concept in tandem with investment, joint investment, and M&As of businesses or assets with high growth potential. The goal is to achieve its vision of becoming a premier lifestyle developer by crafting quality settings for people to live, play, work, and shop. Relentless investment and business expansion have resulted in Singha Estate today commanding assets under the operation of itself, subsidiaries, and joint-venture companies in and outside Thailand in three core businesses, detailed as follows.

Residential Business

The Company’s policy for development of residential business, both high rise and low rise projects, is diverse in forms, namely single detached houses, townhomes, home offices, and condominiums, to satisfy the needs of middle-tier to upper-tier customers under different brands. The Company develops and manages sales through its wholly-owned subsidiaries as well as Nirvana Daii Public Company Limited a 52% owned subsidiary, and S36 property Company Limited,a 51% owned subsidiary.

Commercial Property Business

Commercial Properties, which include shopping centers and office buildings for rent, hold high growth potential and high returns on investment, which is why this is another core business of the Company under its five-year business plan. With a policy to grow this business through development and investment, core revenue from this business are space rents, service charge for utility, security systems, and other service fees.

Hotel Business

Belonging to another the Company’s core business, the hotel business and the hotel management business have featured leapfrogging growth after business restructuring. The Company’s policy is to grow this business through joint investments and acquisitions. The key considerations consist of location, supply and demand, asset quality, management team, returns on investment, and growth potential (room expansion, occupancy rate, and room rate).
Today, eight hotels are under its wings. Twenty-nine hotels,"Mercure" and "Holiday Inn" branded in the United Kingdom are under the management of joint-venturer, in which the Company indirectly holds 50% of shares.


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