Toh Wai Wai

Sustainable Development Programs
“Toh Wai Wai (which means 'grow rapidly')” activity to support “Phi Phi is Changing” Sustainable Development Project

In 2016, Thailand’s coral reefs, especially those around Phi Phi Islands, were heavily bleached. However, some corals called later as “super corals” near Yoong Island were not affected. Therefore, a project led by Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat under the Phi Phi Model proposed to close Yoong Island and restore the coral reefs has begun so that those “super corals” may become the breeder of the next coral generations.

Contributing to this goal, Singha Estate has implementeda policy to save and conserve the ecosystem by using the “From Cloud to Coral Collaborative Impact” framework, as both forests and oceans form the largest area to produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

In 2016, Singha Estate implemented a sustainability program under the “Phi Phi is Changing” by supporting mooring buoys, patrol vessels and fee-collecting booths to assist officials to work more efficiently.

In addition, Singha Estate has a plan to build a marine ecosystem educational center at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort, to open to tourists later. It is expected that this center will be a learning center for tourists about the ecosystem of Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park and a clown fish nursery for returning them to the ocean to recover biodiversity later.

On October 11, 2017, Singha Estate began the Toh Wai Wai program, which is part of the “Phi Phi is Changing Sustainable Development Project” with details as follows:

Singha Estate management team
Officials from Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park
Biodiversity-based Economy Development Office
Hotel employees
Community, students and youths